Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bicycle Shop---customer feels a part of the family....

I visited my first bicycle shop in over 30 years back in 2012--2014, I am still a part of the family.

The moment I walked in I felt the thriving atmosphere, the environment and notion the shop welcomed new customers with open arms...

The repetition was over and over--every time I walk in they say "Hello Jim"---no matter the day, the time....If I am with my daughter they ask her how school is, horse riding, mountain biking and of course they are completely vested in my family, which is the same with others..

"You won't find a better local Cincinnati Bike shop than Jim's. Guess who the general manager is . . . .JIM!! Guess who the local expert is . . . . JIM!! There isn't a better local bicycle dealer than Jim's, love their product, their service, and the follow up after the sale. Once you become a customer of Jim's, you're treated as a family member. I highly recommend you purchase your next bike, or have your current bike serviced, at Jim's."  Review of Jims Bicycle Shop---Cincinnati, Ohio

For the record, I grew up in Cincinnati and yes my first bicycle was purchased in that city--but it was not a Jims....But I was looking for a great review about family and Jim is my name so I chose this one...

This review is the key to a business, on of many points that small businesses thrive on..

Bicycle shops are creating a family within a family...

On your next purchase consider stopping at a bike shop first---you WILL see and feel the passion. 

As the picture states--ALL love bikes; mountain bike, road bike, cruiser, TT, cycle-cross---it does not matter. Bicycle shops have staff with a wide range of knowledge---but they thrive on BIKES.....Willing to share it with us the customer. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bicycle shop--staff delivering customer first business.

When I first decided I would ride a bicycle from Indiana to Florida, I had too take into consideration I could not do it on my own.

I had to seek out the pros--I had to get a glimpse into the needs of cycling, I must head up to my local bicycle shop...

When I headed in, the staff jumped up and headed over to welcome me to the shop--they offered a sturdy handshake and welcomed me, it was so engaging, so welcoming. 

"Brought in my (flat) front tire to have the tube replaced. One customer was being helped already but the other guy in the shop immediately stopped what he was working on and assisted me. He replaced the tube & inner cloth out on the spot in just about 5 minutes. It literally took me more time to find parking than to get the repair done. Awesome service I will definitely be back for any of my future bicycle needs."--Jeffrey T.via Google review of Mike The Bike Guy--New Orleans, LA.

One swift, complete interaction can give a whole new perspective on any business--bicycle shops deliver. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bicycle shop---business delivering customer experience over and over....

 "I have bought 5 bikes over the last 7 years from Atlanta Cycling (road bike, race bike, mountain bike, trainer bike, etc). The main reason I have gone back is their level of service. This is a no-nonsense, straight shooting outfit that will give the best possible advice and service to their clients. Highly recommended."--Johann D. via Google review on Atlanta Cycling. Atlanta, GA. 

5 bikes--5 times he returned.

Highly RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This by far is the core of a excellent business, one that customers keep coming back for more--in this case the patron came back 5 times--that is incredible. 

Think about this for a moment- on day one, the first encounter he bought a bike....He was so thrilled with his experience, the service, the bond, he came back 4 more times.

That is a true raving fan of a business, he raved so much he bought 5 bikes.

Bikes shops all over the WORLD are delivering this type of service, one that is so engaging the customer has no other choice but to return, and return over and over....

WOW!!!!!!!!  Impressive little shop, the WOW moment keeps circulating over and over like a broken record. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bicycle Shop---London, England giving first rate customer service.

Across the globe bicycles are growing fast and faster--technology is creating a much smoother and a  enjoyable experience for all to travel.

The TT rider, the commuter, the weekend warrior, the ice-cream shop family, BMX--how ever you look at it bikes are growing and growing--Cycle-cross is massive, MTB took off over 25 years ago and are still growing.

However what has not changed is the bicycle shop--all communities have them, know where they are. People whom are not close, go out of their way to hit them up--why because they offer excellent customer service in a niche business.

"Time and time again their workshop delivers. Had everything from wheel building to minor services and a major one, over the period of 2 years. Their work is so exceptional that makes me want to ride my bike, farther and faster. And the prices are quite reasonable too!. I wouldn't service my bike anywhere else in London. These guys care."-- Yannis B-- Google review on Condor Cycles...London, England.

"Condor Cycles is my most regular cycling haunt in London. Fantastic range of kit, parts, bicycles and nutritional products along with very knowledgeable staff."  Elisabeth A.  Google review of Condor Cycles...London, England. 

I am a raving fan for superior customer service, one that is so memorable customers keep coming back for more.

I have a passion for bicycles, and my local shop displays the same attributes as noted above by two reviewers---think about your local shop, the one you hit up as a kid, as an adult...Where you bought your child first bike---memories that last forever, cycling is massive and continue to grow and prosper....So good old fashion customer service need to apply. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

bicycle shop---they remember customers name, WOW!

"They're always so nice and give you the best deals! Best of all they remember their customers. My fiance and I have been going to this bike shop for years and the owner has always been awesome and remembered us even though we barely go in because they do such a great job fixing our bikes!"--via K.D. Google Review--Sunday Cycles Bicycle Shop---Phoenix, AZ.

 "Went in with my niece to find her a bicycle for her 10th birthday, and left with a beach cruiser for myself as well. (Plus the most hilarious "bike accouterments" for my handlebars, and safety gear for the niece.) The guys at Sunday Cycles were so nice and so helpful... I got a LOT of information about the bikes I was interested in, and I didn't Google it or anything, but I think I got a really good price on what I purchased. It felt really good to do business with a local shop that's mom & pop... since I won't need a new bike for a while, I'm definitely going back to get tune-ups there. Great local business."--via Alisa S. Google Review -- Sunday Cycles Bicycle Shop--Phoenix, AZ.

Here are TWO reviews of one bicycle shop--that is two positive reviews of a business, not just any business, but a niche business; a bicycle shop.

There are 29 reviews via Google, and the rating is a 4.6 out of a 5----all I can say is WOW!!!

4.6 -- that is saying we are in business for you the customer, we are so passionate about our hobby that we will share our knowledge with you--we WILL give YOU the best quality when it comes to interacting with customers on the subject of bicycles--but more than bikes, it states WE WILL  remember your name..

I am good with people, I enjoy conversation---I would love to shop here.

This is a the gift of small business, the gift of mom and pop---the bike shop is giving more to the community and they are the talk of the town--we can learn a ton from bicycle shops.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bicycle Shop---delivering superior customer service.

 "I went into Motion Cycling and Fitness early in the summer for a bike fit. For months I experienced pain in the saddle and was unable to ride for more than an hour without discomfort. The owner set me up for a professional bike fit and spent two hours with me to ensure that I left with the perfect fit. I have been riding pain-free since! I also bring my bike there for repairs and can count on their expertise in products. I highly recommend this shop for competitive cyclists."---Jennifer M. via Google review of Motion Cycling. Fishers, Indiana 

I have been saying it takes a split second to create a outstanding customer experience---good or bad.

The above review is of a bicycle shop, but there is no difference between a car, bike, t.v. etc....

We as the business, we have got to be on our toes, ready to engage with the customer our knowledge, our people first atmosphere---sky caps at the airport, nail this feature. They are the first we interact with and that sets our trip into motion....Don't forget to tip! 

I enjoy my local bicycle shop--the store, the setting, the equipment, the accessories, all of those are awesome and I love the selection--but what I enjoy the most is the people--I love my bicycle shop for they are in the people business......They MUST speak with customers, speak to them about their passion---it is amazing how connecting they are.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bike shop---customer service so good, I'LL BE BACK!

The ultimate reward for any business is the words "I'll Be Back"---then they do stroll back in with enthusiasm.

The catch is the business has to give the same performance over again--it can't be a one time deal.

You ever go back to a vacation spot for the second time and it just is not as fun as the first time--same idea. As a business we have got to give an encore every single time--we have GOT to be on our toes 24/7, not 16/5---we have to deliver every single time. No Exceptions!

Customers have a choice--internet, Craigslist, E-Bay, China etc.....

When customer s walk in--we have got to dazzle them, give them the 5 star treatment through our passion of the business--through our knowledge, bond, and our leadership qualities. We want to give them a reason to come back again, we want them to walk out with a WOW! moment and return for a WOW! moment.

"I have bought two nice bikes from Cycle Works plus the usual clothes and accessories. I am always treated in a friendly and professional manner and feel like they appreciate my business. It's a well run, well stocked local bike store. I will be back!" Robert K.  Via Google Review on Cycle Works. Lincoln, NE. 

Arnold could not have said it any better---I WILL BE BACK.....That is the core of a customer driven business, customers coming back for more--I have been saying this for a while, bike shops are guiding the way in a competitive market...We can learn a few things from them--walk into your local shop and see what I am talking about.