Monday, October 27, 2014

Bike shops creating walking, talking billboards because of customer service.


When a customer takes time out of their day to write a review, you the business have created what you sought out to create...

The VISION of giving your very best to customers, creating a bond and having them tell the world.

The customer becomes your evangelist.

A walking, talking billboard....That is some serious advertisement dollars spent with ZERO cost.

 "I can't say enough positive things about this shop. The people, the bikes, the advice and customer service is ALWAYS top notch! This shop has all the stuff we see in the magazines, and it's an awesome experience!"  Matt S on Moab Cyclery

Giving a patron the gift of putting them first always wins over the customer--more than that when the owner of the store/business creates a positive atmosphere with their employees; those traits radiate over to customers. 

I have a passion for empathy; bicycle shops are no different than fortune 500--ALL thriving businesses connect with customer on a personal and business angle. 

I rode a bicycle from Indiana to Florida for cancer---but I had no idea what I needed till I created a relationship with a bicycle shop.

I have been in the customer service world for years--first job was as a bottle boy handling the returns for 10 cents.

Customer service is so much more than lip service, so much more than just being open.

Once during a black out the little convenient store stayed open running on flashlights--we just about ran out of everything over two days, but the owner new he had to give it all to his customers--he did this all the time, free ice cream on Halloween, 1 dollar short--bring it next time, he created a bond with his customer--sure some took advantage of him, but the other 99% didn't. 

I happy to launch my second book this week for pre-sale on customer service about a bicycle shop and shops across the globe. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bicycle Shops---selling more than bikes, they provide a positive service for customers.

"Our knowledgeable and friendly staff help you find the bike you need and keep it in peak condition."
--Blackwater Bike Shop        Lynchburg,VA

What does customer experiences say about your company?

What does a returning customer say about your company?

Here is the key--we can buy a bicycle anywhere--so why are people coming back to this shop?

The answer is soooooooo easy, the shop gave  the customer such a memorial experience they came back again asking for an encore--

Blackwater bike shop is a small little shop, but it reminds me of the local coffee shop, the local pub, the local barber, the local bowling alley(way back when)--people are interacting with staff at all times. People are walking around like true humans; nothing staged, rehearsed, except saying hello.

I have never been to this shop--but what I am is a raving fan of customer service from bicycle shops.

My local shop here in Indiana never stops to amaze me; just last week that had last group ride, then they shifted right into cycling indoors, the fall gear is in, the winter gear is in--the booties are in, they were as ready as Home Depot with their Christmas displays already up--and this is a tiny shop.

Shops all over, east coast to west coast--London to Barcelona are giving customers A+ service.

I just launched my first business book, customer service and true story book last week for pre-sale.

I love the engaging services shops provide, I decided to write a book on it.  

Here is an endorsement by top business author and best seller.

 “This is a great story; not about bicycles, but about putting people first. Jim Serger tells a  true tale about what it means to create a positive and engaging experience for customers. You can learn from his insights.”
Mark Sanborn-Author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader
Amazon link--

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bike Shops---small business delivering HUGE customer experiences.

Small business do deliver epic customer service.

In this case a small, tiny, little bike shop did it so well that I the customer had to write a book; a business book about the service they provided me--and still do, to this day.

But it is not only my local bicycle shop--picture of me in the middle with the owner and GM of my shop above....But the thousands, upon thousands of bike shops that are offering superior service to the local community and local customers.

Here is an article that was written today about my local shop and how they deliver every single time I go there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bike Shop---delivering customer service all year round.

What is the WOW! Factor?

Who gives it and why?

I am a huge Disney fan, been to Disney in Florida three times. Each time I leave I remember a customer service story.

The bus driver (70) years old, singing songs from the hotel to the park.

The elderly lady (cast member) taking the time to dance and blow bubbles with my 5 year old before the parade.

I am also a fan of the WOW! moment--walking into a store, park, ball game and leaving completely blown away at the service provided.

My wife and I bought a new house 7 years ago--great location, school district, lot; but it was a little fixer upper.

We live 1.5 minutes from a Home Depot---I walked in and the first person was a young lady whom said welcome. Very young, 20 or so. I asked where an item was and she walked me all the way down to the correct aisle--I purchased the item, and left with a smile on my face. Not because of the item, but she took the time to walk me down, instead of pointing and saying aisle so and so.

Needless to say, that WOW! moment is still going on and Home Depot has well over 10,000 dollars of my business from there going to present.....Landscaping, rental, doors, garage doors, Christmas decor and so on----even when they dryer vent backed up; I walked in and someone else knew what steps to take.

Leadership--top down is in motion here. Two years ago I decided to ride a bicycle from Carmel, Indiana to Orlando, Florida for cancer. I had not been on bike in over 20 years---but walking into a local bicycle shop they were prepared and ready to deliver a WOW! moment on cue--and they did. I kept coming back, every single time they delivered on cue....

Customer service is massive--everyone falls into that category that is in business or a service industry. But, you don't have to be big to WOW!

My local bicycle shop is as big as a Fortune 500 employee break room--but they are top 100 in the United States in bicycle shops for a reason---delivering exceptional service to customers---giving them more and more and more, being honest, passionate and knowledgeable about they niche market.

Here is a review of a bicycle shop that I had to share---and these are all over the place in bicycle shops across the land.

"These trued and dished my rims for an incredibly reasonable price, plus they kept the store open late so I could drive in to pick them up. Super nice guys. Decent selection of bikes. Willing to answer all of your question with a smile. I regularly go to the cities for other errands but will go back to these guys because they treated me so well."
---Bike Shop. Marshall, MN. Google Review

Cycling is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOming across the land---riding to work, cycle-cross, MTB, road bike, triathlon. Endurance events are huge, well if you are into cycling for any reason stop by your local bicycle shop and see the WOW! factor in motion.

I as the customer was so thrilled and ecstatic about my adventure that I had to write a customer service book on my true story and 10 ways to give and excel at customer service. ALL that I learned form a small business delivering WOW! customer service.

Customer service never takes a break--it is 24/7. 365 days a year.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bicycle Shop----Sunday morning, so perfect time for this post----customer service.

What are people saying and sharing about your business?

Here is one on a bike shop.

                                        "Great staff, very helpful, community atmosphere."

                                                 Davis B.---Sunday Cycles Bike Shop  Phoenix, AZ

Bike shops are just like the local barber, the local salon, the local bar, the local book store---they are in business for one thing and on thing only--to share their passion with others.

The love what they do so well, they are so connecting with others they had to open a store.

Some make it and some don't---businesses are all over the place--WE the customer have so many choices these days....

Unlike the 50's--today there is an assortment of different variety shops in all communities.

Today is Sunday--the day people go out for a drive, but today I would like for you to look around for the small businesses in your local community. 

I looked at an old photo of the 70's two weeks ago of where I grew up--the main street in the community had so many names of businesses that I remember growing up--most of them all closed.

T.V repair shops, old film processing station in front of Kroger, car dealerships, barber shops  and a ton of others---but the local bicycle shop, the place I bought my first bike is still open and thriving.

"Best service with the greatest attitude I have ever received from any service/sales oriented establishment. If you are looking for a good experience when bike shopping or looking for bike repairs this is your place!!!!!" 

                                              J Black----Sunday Cycles Bike Shop   Phoenix, AZ

Customer service has kept stores open for years, technology changing and the owner stays current--he has vision, he sees ahead.

I am a evangelist for superior customer service. I am in the aviation industry and I can see first had what service can do for your company and your image.

Small little tiny bike shop, 5000 plus strong in the United States can help you with your needs.

They helped me so well that I wrote a book about they service they provide--about the core of their principles, people first. 

2000 Miles On Wisdom is the name of the book, due out January, 15 2015.

Me the consumer, me the customer had to write this book--for I was given SUPERIOR service so well I had to share it with the world.

I love my bike shop, I love the niche they provide---but customer service kept me coming back for more.

I live here in Carmel, Indiana--a long way from Phoenix. Sunday bike shop is just like all the others, they are sharing a passion and a gift with others---stop into a shop today and see what I am talking about--plus you will create a few new friends as I have.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bicycle Shop---keep customers coming back on reliability.

Super friendly service and eager to ask any questions you may have. They know what they are doing and genuinely care about the customer. Highly recommend these guys.--Luke W.

 Excellent service.--Chip M.

They are real riders like us. Nuff Said!--Bill F.

All the above quotes are from Salt Creek Cycles located in Bloomington, Indiana. 

All of these reviews nail the key core of customer service---highly recommend,excellent and they are like us.

I am a huge Best Buy fan--I enjoy going there for all my electronic needs...I go there because they give me excellent service all year around and I am not jut a Black Friday shopper. Every single time I step in I am in awe of how helpful they are to me and my family--so when I need a washer I go there, dryer same thing. TV for sure, computer--yes, yes, yes. Geek Squad, floor employees always seem to help me fit my needs with passion and superior effort.

People come back to a bicycle shop not because they sell bikes--that is a given. They go back for the relationships that were formed on high quality customer service.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bicycle shop-----Pareto Principle----loyal customers......

The 80/20 rule----Pareto Principle...

The idea of this is so simple when it comes to customers---give them what they need, valued customer service and they will come back. 

Getting someone to walk in for the first time is hard enough--but when they do, we must be prepared and willing to give first class service.

There are over 5,000 bicycle shops in the United States---they are competing with Walmart, Dicks, Sears, K-Mart, Target and an array of others.

The difference between a shop and a mega store after we thin slice it, is product knowledge and product awareness. 

Whether we are buying a tri-cycle, mountain bike, cruiser or road bike (old ten speed)--we as the customer will feel first hand the service each location can supply on bikes. 

A ton of factors go into a purchase--
How often do you ride?
 Will the bike last 5 years?
Is it of good quality?
What do I get with my purchase?

Bicycle shops have been around for over a hundred years--they are in a niche business, Bicycling.

My dad purchased my first BMX bike from a bicycle shop in Cincinnati 30 years ago, then my first ten speed was purchased at the same shop some years later.....WHY???

They made my dad feel welcomed, made him feel good about his first purchase so he came back again for mine and my brothers---so 4 bikes were bought there.

I interacted all the time with the shop---I would ride up there for additional purchases---even with a K-mart next to my house--I would buy storage bags for under seat, locks, chains, bottles, wheels, tubes---they were always willing to help, and at 10 I had no idea what customer service meant--but they were right there delivering over and over--Montgomery Cyclery is the name, and they are still thriving today.

Here is a review of a bicycle shop---

 "It was a pleasure to buy my seventh bicycle from the Overland Park store recently. My first bike purchases were a few used bicycles from that fine store. I then traded up to a brand new, entry level Trek road bike several years ago. The sticker price was a few dollars more than the Trek Store’s sticker price, but I decided to do business with Bike America because of their wonderful lifetime guarantee for new bicycles. The company honored its guarantee and kept my Trek in great shape. Over the last several years I have, once a year, traded in my bicycle for an upgraded model and have never been disappointed. While over the years they have had different personnel, which is common in the retail business, Nick and the store's manager, Greg, have always been professional businessmen and keepers of their word. My current bicycle is a pleasure to ride and has taken me all over the country. It is a tremendous product and has been well-maintained by Bike America service professionals. I have always been treated with courtesy, friendship and respect by the staff and it is very much appreciated. I have enjoyed the last five (5) years of doing business with Bike America and look forward to many more years of cycling enjoyment provided by their products. I thoroughly enjoy riding the Cannondale and Trek road bikes they are currently selling and believe they are the best products available in the marketplace. Keep up the good work." Kevin R via Google on Bike America. Overland Park, KS.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an excellent review---the key is 7th bike---that means the first time interacting with the staff he was blown away by the hospitality....That is incredible to see he has been back 6 more times--I would say he is a raving fan of the store. He is a loyal customer created by a business whom put people first.

I have the same relationship with my shop here---The are the most knowledgeable people when it comes to bikes--plus they are local and their kids go to school where mine do, we have a ton in common, which makes the experience that much more bonding.

I wrote my second book about a bicycle shop and the customer service they provide---it comes out Jan 15,2015......It is a true story and business book all wrapped into one--I had to write it, customer service is in high demand and they gave me A+++++++++ service.

I would love to hear your stories about your local shop----where you are or any business that is thriving because of excellent service being given.