Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bicycle shops---customer service at it's finest.

So here it is, cycling season is here and in full force.

So as the snow melts away, the potholes are filled in and spring commences. Where do you stand with the bicycle maintenance?

Do you need a yearly tune up?

Do you need a new seat?

Do you need new brakes?

Do you need a new helmet?

Do you need new shoes?

If you are like the millions of cyclists, commutators and weekend warriors. YOU are ready to hit the streets NOW.

But, with any exercise we have to stretch, we have to prepare ourselves...So why is your bike any different? We must give the bike a little love, a little TLC. I know if I jump right into a exercise routine, the next day my legs are sore, my lower back hurts and my hamstrings are tights. I have to stretch.

Your bike is exactly the same--get it prepared before you head out--I know what happens if you don't. Roadside assistance will be required.

So please take your bike up to the shop and have a tune up done. You can thank me later,with all honesty you will thank yourself...Be like the Boy Scouts; be prepared.

April will be here soon, bike shops would love for you to go now, versus waiting in line and scheduling out two, three weeks.

Thanks a bunch--this is light--but start that preparation now.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bicycle shop and 55 degrees out.

Yesterday was unbelievable here in central Indiana--the temps were way above normal.
So the question is, did you hit the streets yesterday with these above normal weather conditions?
I must be honest, I did not--work was calling my name. But did you?  

Has it been a while? Did you train inside this winter? Was today the first time you were out and about?

For those down south--not much rain, did you go out?

Hawaii--I understand the answer behind the question--of course you did.

Alaska, I know the answer--but maybe  you hit the snow with a fat tire MTB bike. 

Either way--I did get a insanity workout in -- did you stretch? Look over the equipment before the ride--tighten them up, readjust, 

How do you hamstrings feel, your knees feel, elbows feel?

Did you tight those clip ins? Making sure you can get out--unlike me one time I fell over at a stop sign having not tighten mine up in over a week--Of course it happened with a slew of cars going by.

Did you get your bike tuned up recently--or are you going to wait till last minute? Look at you local bike shop--some are having great deals--one in Winter Park Florida had a deal bring a six pack and get 50% off tune up.

Spring will be here soon, pitchers and catchers report in 11 days for spring training--take the lead now and get prepared for those weeks coming up. 

Be prepared--the Boy Scouts are right!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bike Shop book is out--because of superior customer service.

I am a evangelist for superior service--I went to the same barber in Cincinnati for over 20 years

I have go to Best Buy when it is not Black Friday--they just treat me right all year round.

I go to Reds games--because I love the feel, smell and the environment of the ball game.

I do not like camping--first and second time I went; it rained--so I never went back--0 for 2.

Indiana State Fair--I have gone with my family 6 times in one summer; WE have been over 50 times since living in Indiana--I just enjoy all of it--more over my kid loves it and my wife.

Back in May 2012 I walked into a bicycle shop; they gave me a reason to return.

So I went back a few week later; then I kept coming back and back and back--as if the record was set on repeat.

The batting average I was given was so good; I told friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors....Why because I wanted them to experience the same customer service I was given.

Here it is two years later and my book is out about the superior customer service they gave me, the created a loyal customer--They did it because they made me feel like family, made me feel welcomed and more over made me feel like a part of the tribe.

So I made this short video -- 30 seconds on the power of customer service and my book--2000 Miles on Wisdom--hope you enjoy it.

A percentage of my take of the book will be given to 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Bicycle Shop---last minute TRADITIONAL Christmas gift

Where has the traditional gift gone????

Is it still alive and well?????????

I am going to say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are still out there---yesterday at work, while finishing up a meeting on customer service I asked the employees what the top 10 selling gifts were all time.

Answers as followed--

Ugly Christmas sweater

So I stopped them and I said think bigger, think further back in time..

Atari--one person said, he was my age 44.---Good answer I said. But not in top ten.

Radio flyer wagon, slinky, yo-yo, slinky, chemistry set--were from way back when. games where you had to put in effort and you had to get off the couch....Are those gift telling us something, hint hint. 

But what was striking was no one said a bicycle--

Yet, on a Esquire top gifts of all time a BMX bike made the list---1982 hottest item.

As I look over the list electronic item after item takes the cake--but the bike is very cool to see.

So as we look back and look to the present(no pun, but good timing) may be a bicycle is the gift that keeps on giving all year around--Like Clark Griswolds jelly of the month club.

Three shopping days left---give the gift a bike, a bicycle, cruiser, road bike, cycle cross, TT bike and I know the person whom received it will enjoy that gift 365 days till next holiday season.

I am a evangelist of local bicycle shops--they offer more than bikes. They offer friendship, community involvement and kids and adults alike can ride with them on group events. 

So it is not tooooooooooooooooooooo late to hit them up---give the gift of tradition, your kids will think you are weird, as if they don't already--but they will thank you for giving a gift that no other kid received. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bicycle shops -- the art and craft of putting customers first.

Here we are just 12 days till the big jolly man comes down the chimney..

But I want to talk about the traditional gifts, the gifts that have been placed under the tree for years, centuries even. 

The one gift that seems to test father time is a present of 2 wheels.

I have been raving and ranting on for years about the importance of giving the gift they will use over and over--not until they are bored.

A bicycle is that gift, we are living in  society that is boooooooming in the cycling scene--not just the road bike or cycle cross, but mountain biking is back and in full force.  Commuting  to work is in, riding to the bus stop; loading the bike on the front rack and riding to work is fun and easy --plus it saves on gas.

I thoroughly enjoy my local bicycle shop--above is a simple picture describing the image that takes place--putting customers first.

Here they are around back giving the customer their knowledge, their passion and not afraid or shy of taking care of the customer after the sale has been rang up.

So with Christmas here in a few--stop buy your local bicycle shop.

Visit them and see and feel the zest......

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bicycle shops---Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is growing and growing and growing...

People; customers are wanting more than the hustle, more than just saving money...

They are searching for a tradition, the ones that remind them of  when they were little kids.

We love going out and looking at the trains, getting a hot cocoa, getting a cookie and walking around the streets and gazing at the window displays. 

That tradition is still alive and well---it is still flourishing and is still in demand.

Small Business Saturday is that warm, fuzzy feeling...The feeling of the Christmas Spirit.

I enjoy my local bicycle shop---I enjoy them because they connect with me through their passion of the sport. 

There are nearly 5,000 plus shops in the United States and climbing.

I remember as a kid going to the shop---connecting with them, building a fun relationship with them.

A bike under the tree, a mountain bike under the tree or a road bike under the tree sure beats another electronic devise, another video game, another tie for dad---

You WILL get more than a bike upon purchase; you will be in a group environment, evening rides, educated on bike safety, bike paths, community involvements. 

So this Small Business Saturday---instead fighting the lines, being hit in the leg with a cart, honked at in the parking lot---slow down and just visit your local bicycle shop and see what I am speaking of.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bicycle shop---Small Business Saturday

I remember way back when--let's say 1979--I was 8 years old....

Seems like a long time ago, but my memory seems like yesterday as an adult who still can recall the cool gifts that made an impact on my childhood.

I still remember getting a ten speed---yes a ten speed under the tree form Santa...

I can also remember getting golf clubs as a early teenager.

I also remember getting Atari one year for Christmas as well.

But as I look back and recall what I used the most; it was the bike and the clubs.

In Cincinnati it snowed a ton, cold, bundled up all winter and the Ohio river froze over.

Once spring came around I was on the bike--I was hitting the links--I was outdoors, riding to buddies houses, hitting golf balls into the woods.

I am a huge sports nut; I love it all--but as a parent today of a ten year old I see, hear the electronics demand--new phone, texting, Ipad, Xbox, new videos, Netflix and the list goes on and on and on.

But my child loves the outdoors as well as the games; arcades were huge when I was her age.
I remember my parents dropping me and my co-conspirators off at the arcade with a roll of quarters on a Saturday night.

But one memory that is very vivid is my local bicycle shop--I would ride up there all the time.
Check out the BMX bikes; get a new bag under the seat on my 10-speed. Getting number plate for the bike, getting my Mag wheels--mac 1 and 2....I had no idea they were giving me more than a bike to purchase--they were giving me a fun, energetic, passionate, thriving small business feel with a hint of we care for you; and yes at 10 me and my posse were always going up there.

Today the same feeling is there--5,000 bicycle shops in the US and thousands more world wide and growing and growing and boooooooming right along with the growing cycling sport.

Small Business Saturday will be here in 7 days--I HIGHLY recommend you visit your local bicycle shop like I have way back when  and today....They know their stuff, they know the roads, the trails, the safety of the community. So if Santa is giving a bike this year and it made the list of must haves; your bike shop will come through. You will receive more than a quality bike, you will receive top notch customer service---customer interaction and a excellent customer experience. 

Here is a article that was posted this week about my experience with my local bicycle shop.

So Santa---support small business Saturday; stop by your bike shop.